Utilities Summer, 2017
Web Media Extensions

Adds OGG, Vorbis, and Theora playback to Windows 10 and the Edge browser seamlessly.

Published by Microsoft
Pre-installed with Windows 10
In top 10 requests for Edge
Utilities Fall, 2017
Chinese Odyssey Chrome Fix

Fixes a Chinese education website on Chrome, saving my classmates time.

University of Toronto course
Patches MyChineseHub online
Endorsed by Course Instructor
Games Winter, 2017
Pickup Artists

A silly game where you play as a bad party guest, stealing as much as possible without getting caught.

University of Toronto project
Competed in Level Up 2017
Dozens of players
Utilities Summer, 2016
Dynamic Lock

Have your Windows computer lock automatically when you walk away with your paired Bluetooth device.

On Windows 10 production
Internship project
~100k early adopters
Games April, 2016

A modern implementation of the classic arcade game, which explores reactive web interfaces.

Built on ES2015
Playtest Sessions
Very addictive
FPGA April, 2016

A simple web browser that renders HTML files onto the screen, built from the ground up on an FPGA.

VGA rendering
Text styling
HTML parsing
A.I. September, 2015

An app that can transform a written description of a website into a working HTML schema.

HackMIT 2015
Stack Overflow data scraping
Language parsing from scratch
Web June, 2015

Add static prefixes and suffixes to web inputs without breaking the user experience.

jQuery Plugin
Simple API
Fully Documented
A.I. January, 2015
Pong A.I.

Submission for University of Toronto's competition of the best Artificial Intelligent Pong player.

3rd Place Winner
Team of Two
Expert system
Satire April, 2015
Sell Your Tears

A website where students can sell the results of their academic failures and graduate debt free.

April Fool's Joke
A Startup for Everything
Thousands of visits that day